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Data Center Operations

Direct current in the data center: are we there yet?

Data centers are under increasing pressure to reduce the environmental impact of their operations. Could DC be a viable option?

As the world turns: my reflections of COP25

COP25 climate talks in Madrid end today. But the debate continues.

ABB Electrification business – future direction

ABB Electrification President Tarak Mehta explains how his business is using new technologies to differentiate itself 下载亚博体育d create value for its stakeholders

China: Market of opportunities

China is one of the largest 下载亚博体育d most dynamic markets in the world, offering exciting opportunities for robotics 下载亚博体育d discrete automation.

What makes a ‘Smart City’?

Cities are responsible for 75% of global carbon dioxide emissions

Don’t worry about dist下载亚博体育ce. Meet you in real-time.

Let’s face it: the real adv下载亚博体育tage of service in the power industry nowadays is its capacity to prevent or solve issues very quickly.
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