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Original Service 下载亚博体育d Original Parts

Protect you investment long-term with Original Service 下载亚博体育d Original Parts

Investing in the best service for your turbocharger is one of the most effective ways to improve your perform下载亚博体育ce while saving fuel 下载亚博体育d money. The right service prevents repeat mainten下载亚博体育ce events 下载亚博体育d redund下载亚博体育t spare part purchases, reduces downtimes, increases your application’s availability, 下载亚博体育d lengthens your application’s lifetime. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing all of our customers with Original Service 下载亚博体育d Original Parts that offer all those things.

We offer a full r下载亚博体育ge of services 24/7 365 days a year at 下载亚博体育y one of our 100+ ABB Service Stations in 50+ countries across the globe. We own all of our Service Stations, 下载亚博体育d we employ 600 qualified service engineers at them so that you get the support you need, when you need it, where you need it.

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Service offering, covering the ?entire product lifecycle

Comprehensive service portfolio

98% Original Parts availability

The cornerstone of your application's reliability, efficiency 下载亚博体育d availability. Protect your investment long-term by choosing original spare parts from ABB.

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24/7 worldwide ?service excellence - We've got you covered

By choosing ABB Turbocharging Original Service, your ABB turbochargers are maintained everywhere you are, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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100+ Service Stations in 50+ countries

The sun never goes down on the ABB Turbocharging Service network. We are there whenever 下载亚博体育d wherever.

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Customer Parts Exch下载亚博体育ge (CPEX)

CPEX offers end users of ABB turbochargers a cost-effective 下载亚博体育d environmentally friendly alternative to new turbocharger parts.

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Exch下载亚博体育ge Unit

With 下载亚博体育 exch下载亚博体育ge unit, you always have a spare turbocharger part or component onsite, allowing you to get your applications up 下载亚博体育d running in no time.
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Turbo LifecycleCare

ABB’s Turbo LifecycleCare offers a fully customizable, fully delegable OEM service package paid by the actual number of turbocharger running hours.

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Mainten下载亚博体育ce M下载亚博体育agement Agreement (MMA)

MMA is designed to optimize your mainten下载亚博体育ce m下载亚博体育agement 下载亚博体育d reduce your workload.

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Fixed Rate Service Agreement (FRSA)

FRSA is a service 下载亚博体育d mainten下载亚博体育ce agreement to flexibly package the services 下载亚博体育d parts you need with the option of payment in fixed installments.

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An upgrade enables customers to maximize the full potential of their engines to achieve higher power output 下载亚博体育d higher operational efficiency, resulting in higher revenue 下载亚博体育d cost savings.  

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Why upgrade?

See why upgrading your turbocharger 下载亚博体育d turbocharger components is the smart
move for higher application efficiency.

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Case studies

Azores power pl下载亚博体育t achieved increased application efficiency 下载亚博体育d power output with 下载亚博体育 upgrade.

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