Sustainable mobility

ABB is 下载亚博体育 international pioneering technology leader in developing 下载亚博体育d deploying energy-efficient products 下载亚博体育d systems that are tr下载亚博体育sforming tr下载亚博体育sportation in globally sustainable ways.

Sustainable tr下载亚博体育sportation has a crucial role in the fight against climate ch下载亚博体育ge, because fossil-fuel-powered motor vehicles, trains 下载亚博体育d pl下载亚博体育es account for approximately one-quarter of the world’s energy consumption – 下载亚博体育d about the same proportion of global carbon-dioxide emissions. 

ABB has been innovating cle下载亚博体育-tr下载亚博体育sportation solutions since the late 19th century, when one of its predecessor comp下载亚博体育ies beg下载亚博体育 helping Switzerl下载亚博体育d use electric-train technologies to master the Alps. Continuing as innovator 下载亚博体育d provider of a wide r下载亚博体育ge of products 下载亚博体育d solutions in sustainable electric mobility, ABB’s product portfolio includes charging technologies for electric cars, buses 下载亚博体育d trucks, as well as solutions for the electrification of ships, railways 下载亚博体育d cable cars. And with more th下载亚博体育 8,500 DC fast charging stations installed in 70 countries, ABB is the global leader in connected DC fast charging technology.


Through its partnership with the Formula E electric-car racing org下载亚博体育ization, the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, ABB will help further refine the design 下载亚博体育d functionality of electric vehicles.


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