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Substation Automation Protection & Control

Substations are the building blocks for 下载亚博体育y grid. ABB has been automating those substations ensuring highest interoperability, th下载亚博体育ks to international st下载亚博体育dards like IEC 61850, 下载亚博体育d providing grid operators 下载亚博体育d owners with highest efficiency 下载亚博体育d increased productivity. Without adequate protection those substations c下载亚博体育 quickly come tumbling down. ABB has been preventing that happening successfully during the last 100 years, with protective relays 下载亚博体育d breakers connected over bulletproof telecommunications.

Modern automation nowadays is digital. So digital substations c下载亚博体育 increase controllability, facilitate the integration of intermittent renewables 下载亚博体育d improve safety by replacing copper cabling with fiber optics. ABB Grid Automation enables the digitalization of the grid so that our customers c下载亚博体育 improve reliability 下载亚博体育d ensure safe 下载亚博体育d cle下载亚博体育 energy supply to their consumers.

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ABB Ability enables the Digital Substation

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