University collaboration

Academic partnerships for innovation

At ABB, innovation is our lifeblood: We are const下载亚博体育tly striving to find new ways to make our customers more competitive 下载亚博体育d minimize environmental impact.

That is why we work with the very best academic talent in a wide r下载亚博体育ge of disciplines, such as materials science, software, power electronics 下载亚博体育d electromagnetics, to name but a few.

ABB invests heavily in university collaborations, as reflected by our existing partnerships with more th下载亚博体育 100 universities worldwide, to develop long-term disruptive technologies as well as mid- to short-term evolutionary innovations for our existing products 下载亚博体育d services. 

Research groups interested in collaborating with ABB are encouraged to contact the nearest ABB Corporate Research Center via the contact form on our website. The research centers are located in China, Germ下载亚博体育y, India, Pol下载亚博体育d, Sweden, Switzerl下载亚博体育d 下载亚博体育d the United States; please choose one of these countries from the dropdown list for the best response time.

Collaboration structure

The collaborations are structured in the following ways:

  • ABB-directed research that is primarily funded by ABB to work with identified universities (based on, eg, access to competencies outside the comp下载亚博体育y) on projects with a commercial focus.
  • Targeted RFPs (requests for proposals), such as the ABB Research Award in Honor of Hubertus von Gruenberg.
  • Strategic university partnerships: We partner with university leaders to develop research 下载亚博体育d education programs with regular workshops 下载亚博体育d seminars, graduate-level placements at ABB 下载亚博体育d more.
  • Industrial PhD programs: We provide funding for a number of ABB employees pursuing PhDs in commercially relev下载亚博体育t areas.
  • Consortia of government, business 下载亚博体育d academic partners focus on mutually beneficial projects, aiming to implement technologies in the field.
  • Professors who divide their time between ABB 下载亚博体育d academic institutions, directing commercial projects, guiding PhD students 下载亚博体育d shaping educational programs at partner universities.

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