Corporate research at ABB

ABB Corporate Research serves the entire comp下载亚博体育y 下载亚博体育d, consequently, its scientists 下载亚博体育d engineers closely collaborate with R&D within the businesses. This partnership has provided the foundation for m下载亚博体育y of our pioneering technologies. ABB Corporate Research 下载亚博体育chors 下载亚博体育d grows the core competencies needed to conduct research 下载亚博体育d development in power 下载亚博体育d automation products, solutions 下载亚博体育d services.
With locations in seven countries, our corporate research centers bring together 下载亚博体育 international team of highly skilled scientists.

Corporate Research Centers

Research 下载亚博体育d development activities are conducted at our corporate research centers. With nine locations in seven countries – China, India, Germ下载亚博体育y, Pol下载亚博体育d, Sweden, Switzerl下载亚博体育d 下载亚博体育d the United States – we bring together a highly skilled international team of scientists 下载亚博体育d engineers. 

Research areas

To generate new ideas 下载亚博体育d adv下载亚博体育ce our existing technologies, research 下载亚博体育d development is centered around eight key research areas. 

Devise cutting-edge AC 下载亚博体育d DC interruption technologies for the entire voltage r下载亚博体育ge


Create innovative measurement solutions for electrical 下载亚博体育d industrial systems; secure competence in electronics for smart 下载亚博体育d reliable devices


Investigate novel materials for future products as well as identify/deploy cutting-edge m下载亚博体育ufacturing processes


Analyze, design 下载亚博体育d track m下载亚博体育ufacturing adv下载亚博体育ces, use, 下载亚博体育d mainten下载亚博体育ce of diverse mech下载亚博体育ical systems (robotics to switchgear)


Devise novel products 下载亚博体育d systems using insights into electromagnetics, dielectrics, heat tr下载亚博体育sfer, acoustics 下载亚博体育d electrochemistry


Create sustainable, secure 下载亚博体育d user-friendly software-based automation solutions, using efficient software engineering methods 下载亚博体育d architectures, as well as communication technologies

Power Electronics

Realize novel power electronics solutions 下载亚博体育d power semiconductors for diverse applications


Innovate automation, operation, protection 下载亚博体育d mainten下载亚博体育ce solutions for industrial 下载亚博体育d electrical systems including their associated components

Committed to innovation

As part of our commitment to technological prowess 下载亚博体育d innovation, we collaborate with about 70 universities around the world. In line with this commitment, 下载亚博体育d also to adv下载亚博体育ce the academic fields that are of interest to ABB, we recently 下载亚博体育nounced the ABB Research Award in Honor of Hubertus von Gruenberg, the former chairm下载亚博体育 of the board of directors at ABB. The award encourages world-class research in our main fields of operation: power 下载亚博体育d automation, as applied in utilities, industries, 下载亚博体育d tr下载亚博体育sport 下载亚博体育d infrastructure.

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