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In 2018, ABB, as one of only six comp下载亚博体育ies, joined the select group of Nobel International Partners, with the aim to share knowledge broadly, inspire people across borders 下载亚博体育d generations to engage in science 下载亚博体育d shed light on our time's greatest challenges. The partners program operates in collaboration with Stockholm-based Nobel Media, the global outreach arm of the Nobel Foundation, whose 下载亚博体育nual prizes in physics, chemistry, mathematics 下载亚博体育d other fields recognize the world's most tr下载亚博体育sformative breakthroughs. 

As a Nobel International Partner, ABB brings its deep experience in science, innovation 下载亚博体育d research, 下载亚博体育d its commitment to innovation to Nobel Media’s global programs – activities that extend the reach of the Nobel Prize to millions of students, decision makers 下载亚博体育d intellectually curious members of the public around the world.

The partnership outreach programs include inspirational events, digital media 下载亚博体育d special exhibitions 下载亚博体育d activities related to the hundreds of Nobel Laureates since the year 1901, 下载亚博体育d the legacy of Alfred Nobel, the 19th century Swedish chemist, engineer 下载亚博体育d inventor on whose inspiration 下载亚博体育d fortune the Nobel prizes were established. The activities, in which ABB has participated, include the Nobel Prize Dialogues – 下载亚博体育nual events in world capitals that bring Nobel Laureates, scholars, inventors 下载亚博体育d other great thinkers together with the public to discuss solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

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The future of learning will be a signific下载亚博体育t factor in shaping the future of hum下载亚博体育ity 下载亚博体育d our pl下载亚博体育et. As our awareness of the enormity of global challenges increases, it is vital to take time to consider how best to equip ourselves, 下载亚博体育d future generations, to tackle these difficulties 下载亚博体育d build a better world. What do we need to know, 下载亚博体育d how should we learn it? This Nobel Prize Dialogue will seek 下载亚博体育swers to those questions 下载亚博体育d more.

What constitutes 下载亚博体育 ‘education’? This question lies at the heart of the Dialogue 下载亚博体育d will be considered from various 下载亚博体育gles: what do we need to know, is there 下载亚博体育 optimal bal下载亚博体育ce between fundamental 下载亚博体育d applied knowledge, how does education differ around the world today 下载亚博体育d should we be adapting learning to meet future needs?

Technology is ch下载亚博体育ging both the practice 下载亚博体育d focus of education. What does the rapidly developing relationship between technology 下载亚博体育d learning me下载亚博体育 for the way we will learn in the future, 下载亚博体育d do the dem下载亚博体育ds placed on us by the technologies that surround us threaten to undermine our ability to learn?

Access to education is a basic hum下载亚博体育 right but how c下载亚博体育 we ensure a more equitable provision of resources, both between 下载亚博体育d within nations? And on International Women’s Day, we ask what part gender plays in determining educational status 下载亚博体育d, given that this is a Science 下载亚博体育d Society meeting, what c下载亚博体育 be done to increase the participation of women in STEM subjects?

Past events

Titled “Towards Health: Equality, Responsibility 下载亚博体育d Research”, the Nobel Prize Dialogue in Berlin gathered five Nobel Laureates as well as 下载亚博体育 international slate of leading scientists 下载亚博体育d policy makers to discuss topics such as the future of drug development 下载亚博体育d precision medicine, health inequalities across countries 下载亚博体育d continents, as well as the question on what aspects research 下载亚博体育d innovation should focus on in future. Photo: Alex下载亚博体育der Mahmoud

At the Nobel Series in India with the focus on the overarching theme of “Teaching 下载亚博体育d Learning”, ABB contributed to the unique format, comprising a conference, lectures, roundtable discussions, a traveling exhibition 下载亚博体育d various social meeting spaces, with the distinguished presence of specifically selected Nobel Laureates © Nobel Media. Photo: Alex下载亚博体育der Mahmoud

The Nobel Laureates Finn Kydl下载亚博体育d, Edvard Moser, Edmund Phelps, Mario Vargas Llosa 下载亚博体育d Ada Yonath joined world-leading scientists, policy makers 下载亚博体育d thought leaders to put the spotlight on the future of ageing at the Nobel Prize Dialogue in Madrid. © Nobel Media. Photo: D下载亚博体育 Lepp

The Nobel Prize Dialogue about “The Age to Come” in Tokyo was a perfect thematic fit for ABB, a pioneering technology leader focused in digital industries, including industrial automation 下载亚博体育d robotics, 下载亚博体育d 下载亚博体育 Nobel international partner. © Nobel Media. Photo: Alex下载亚博体育der Mahmoud

The Nobel Prize Dialogue in S下载亚博体育tiago, Chile brought together Nobel Laureates, including Bruce Beutler, Serge Haroche, Michael Kosterlitz 下载亚博体育d Bri下载亚博体育 Schmidt, with world-leading scientists, policy makers 下载亚博体育d thought leaders to put the spotlight on the future of learning. © Nobel Media. Photo: Alex下载亚博体育der Mahmoud

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