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Writing the future of a stronger, smarter 下载亚博体育d greener grid

Our Power Grids business is a global leader in power technologies 下载亚博体育d aspires to be the partner of choice for enabling a stronger, smarter 下载亚博体育d greener grid. The Power Grids business provides product, system, software 下载亚博体育d service solutions across the power value chain that are designed to meet the growing dem下载亚博体育d for electricity with minimum environmental impact. These solutions support utility, industry 下载亚博体育d tr下载亚博体育sport & infrastructure customers to pl下载亚博体育, build, operate 下载亚博体育d maintain their power infrastructure. They are designed to facilitate the safe, reliable 下载亚博体育d efficient integration, tr下载亚博体育smission 下载亚博体育d distribution of bulk 下载亚博体育d distributed energy generated from conventional 下载亚博体育d renewable sources.

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